Inspiration! I read this book…

“Actually, I listened to a podcast…”

My husband rolls his eyes at me every time I say that, because I so often start my sentences that way and have some new ‘information’ or insight that I just have to share. But I love to be inspired! And I love to share this inspiration with him.

And now I’m so inspired I feel I need to share it with all of you.

So I listened to this podcast where a guy called Craig Ballantyne  was interviewed.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and it is in fact it is one of my favourite activities. I often listen to them whiles out walking or doing housework.

If you want to hear it here’s a link to that podcast.

What a fantastic and inspirational guy! In fact, so inspirational that I went straight home to instantly buy his book The Perfect Day Formula

I strongly encourage you to read it.
It’s actually what made me start this blog. It’s what made me structure my day in an intelligent way and have a plan for my life.

Of all the things I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot of self improvement, time-management books, this is the one that’s by far has had the biggest impact on me.
In fact, Richard saw how much it changed me and my mindset that he was inspired to read it and now he’s a changed man too!

Well, as I’ve said before, my mindset is work in progress but I’m liking the road it’s taking me so far.

My point is:

Inspiration is important.

After reading this book I was so inspired I decided to structure my day in a smart and conscious way, but for someone else that area of life might not be an issue.
But what ever you do and enjoy in life, take some time every day to get inspired.

Inspiration helps you grow as a person and enriches your life, and in my case helped me become more productive.

For exemple:

*Listen to a podcast in an area your interested in. I listen to lots of different health, fitness and wellbeing podcasts for example.

*Check out Pinterest. I’m not on it but thats all about inspiration, isn’t it?

*Read an autobiography of someone you look up to or are interested in finding out more about.

*Find a blog, website or forum in a subject you’re interested in.

*Get on the emailing list from a person you look up to or inspires you, and you get an inspirational email in you inbox several times a week!

*Go for a walk or meditate if thats your thing

So tell me, what inspires you? Have you ever been inspired enough to make big change in your life?

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