My Smoothie Recipe

As I’ve written about here I love routine, and as a result I tend to have the same thing for breakfast most days. Sometimes I change things up and have something else but even then I tend to have the same things. So I basically have 2 or 3 breakfasts I rotate between. But mostly it’s my smoothie.

I find that it’s quick, filling, easy to prepare and gives me lots of nutrients.
This is a fantastic breakfast, especially in the summer as it basically feels like your drinking an ice cream for breakfast.

So in a good smoothie you want plenty of veg and some fruit for vitamins. Also some good fats and protein for a complete and filling meal.

This is what I put in mine:

Juice (not much and it’s only so it’s not to thick)
Kefir (a fermented yogurt packed with good bacteria)
Protein powder
Cinnamon (can be left out, but I put a pinch in it because its a good blood sugar regulator)


The spinach can be swapped for kale if you prefer. Take a good handful. You can also use frozen spinach, same with the berries.

You don’t have to use berries, you can use any other fruit you like. Today I made Richards one with mango since he’s allergic to strawberries. Use about 80g of each spinach and fruit/berries.

Put about 1/4- 1/2 of an avocado in, depending on the size of the avocado, for good fats and fibre.
As for juice, I usually use Tropicana ’Red Ruby’, I find it’s not to sweet. You won’t need much only 50 – 100g. I am not a fan of juice really, it’s just for thinning the smoothie and it tops up the vitamins a bit.

Then I use kefir for it’s gut friendly bacteria, but if you don’t have kefir you can just as easily use yogurt. Be aware of sweetened yogurt though, you don’t want your smoothie having to much sugar. I use about 100g.

Put all this together in a blender or container ready to be mixed:

Blend all of the above together before adding the protein and blending again.

As for protein powder, use 20-25g. Please don’t leave this out, but if you really don’t have any try to use a higher protein yogurt, like greek, instead. You need the protein to fill you up! Some smoothie recipes suggest you put peanut butter or other nut butters in there for added protein, but really it’s more fat and very high in calories so I wouldn’t suggest that as a protein source.

When you shop for protein powder, make sure you use a good brand and not one packed with sweeteners and fillers. I use Natural Nutrients. Their whey comes from grass-fed cows and with no added nasties. I highly recommend them. I use the natural one but if you like a bit more flavour you can go for a flavoured one like vanilla or strawberry.

Now to the best part:
You can prepare it all the night before! This is actually necessary if you’re using frozen fruit and veg. Just leave the protein powder out. In the morning, take the container out, mix until it’s smooth and then put protein powder in before mixing it again.


That’s it! Enjoy! And please let me know if you try it.



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