Bucket List Summer 2016

This is the last week of school for the boys and then summer begins! I usually kind of dread this time of year, as I wrote about here. I love my boys and I love spending time with them, but it’s hard work so ‘holiday’ is hardly holiday for me.

To organise myself a bit more this year I decided to make a bucket list. A list with things we can do so on the days we don’t already have plans, and hopefully we have ticked all of them off by the end of summer. I asked the boys what they would like to do and I also looked at lists others have done, but I’ve tried to make sure only to include things I know our boys would actually enjoy.

I’ve put numbers next to them, but really there’s no order here.

❏ 1. Get Harry to learn (or practice) how to ride without stabilisers
❏ 2. Go to the beach
❏ 3. Sleep in a tent
❏ 4. Visit a farm
❏ 5. Have a family game night
❏ 6. Have a family Singstar night
❏ 7. Go to a theme park
❏ 8. Go to the cinema
❏ 9. Visit national trust place
❏ 10. Visit a big city
❏ 11. Make a summer scrapbook
❏ 12. Play on the trampoline
❏ 13. Visit a museum
❏ 14. Eat ice-cream
❏ 15. Go swimming
❏ 16. Have a playdate
❏ 17. Visit Nannie Diane
❏ 18. Visit granddad
❏ 19. Have a water fight
❏ 20. Pick blackberries
❏ 21. Have a picnic
❏ 22. Go bowling
❏ 23. Go to Brighton
❏ 24. Climb a tree
❏ 25. Get a family photo done


That’s it! I will let you know how we got on with our Bucket list after the summer holidays.


4 thoughts on “Bucket List Summer 2016

    1. Our summer holidays don’t start until Monday so I haven’t actually started ticking things off the list yet. But we have a few things planned for the summer, so it won’t be long before I can start ticking, I hope. I will post another list of my Summer Goals soon, and one of my goals is to try to do one bucket list thing every day. Don’t know if I can keep that up, but I’ll try 🙂

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