I have no wagon

Did you miss me?

I have been on holiday with my family plus brother-in-law and his family. The eight of us went to Centre Parcs in The Netherlands (They live there. Not in Centre Parcs, but in The Netherlands)
We had five days of loads of fun in the park, spending a few hours every day in the pool and the going on the water slides. We also rented bikes, went bowling, and climbing and had lots of fun just hanging out. We all get along really well and it was a lovely break. After Centre Parcs we went in to Amsterdam for a day before heading home to theirs for a couple of days before we drove back home to England again. It was a busy week, pfew!

I had good intentions to keep up my routine while away and I did quite well, but not as well as I had expected or hoped.

Sure, I could have done better.
I could have gone to bed earlier, and got up earlier to fit it in a workout before everyone was up.
I could have fit more vegetables in my meals. I could have been writing instead of reading my book, and so on.
But to be honest, I didn’t want to.
I needed a holiday.
I realised that staying up late, not eating as well as I usually do and skipping workouts isn’t the norm; its the exception.
Also, with a very slow internet it was near impossible to keep up with social media or work on my blog. It really was a break from everything and it was lovely!

It was so nice staying up chatting and having a drink with other adults and not having to worry about setting the alarm for an early morning start.
To do what I felt like I wanted and needed.

The readers who know me or have been reading my blog for a while know that I love routine , especially my routine.
I love early mornings and I love getting the most important stuff done early in the day. And my plan was to keep my routine going somewhat.

But I am flexible and I needed a break.

I didn’t “fall of the wagon”
I have no wagon to fall off.

I made a conscious choice that I would, at this moment, enjoy life and not stress about getting things ‘perfect’ for a few days, and thats fine.
Although, as you probably know, I never get things ‘perfect’, I simply refer to my preferred way of moving and eating.
And it is not like I’ve been sitting on my butt all week, we have been pretty active!

So now I’m back home, and I’m getting back to my usual routines, and am eating and moving better, just like I knew I would.
No guilt
No restrictions
No dieting
Just simply moving on.
Continuing making good choices and enjoying the process while doing so.
Continuing writing my blog
Not feeling bad for what I “should” have been doing, but enjoying the holiday and now get back to my routine.

It’s like with anything you love, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Another bonus was that after not weight training for over a week, I went back to Crossfit this morning and felt stronger than ever! I lifted more than I’ve lifted in a year, and I felt great! Sometimes a break can only be a good thing.


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