We’re off to London!

I’m spending the weekend with my husband up in London. Not a big deal for many, since we live just 40 min away, but it is a big deal to us.
Time alone, just the two of us is rare, just as I think it is for a lot of parents and especially parents of children with additional needs, because you can just “get a babysitter”
Thankfully Richards sister and mum help us out when they can and we try to go away at least once a year just the two of us, last year we went to Venice for example.

Venice last year

This year we weren’t so sure we could go anywhere because we had a few other family trips lined up and didn’t think we could really afford it or find the time.

Then Harry entered his toddler/teenage stage.
I’ve written about it before here, so I won’t go in to details, but after one particular Saturday we were at our wits end.
He was supposed to go swimming with his activity club (for children with special needs) along with his brother and a few other kids. None of this was new to him.
We had gone through with him what was going to happen that day so that he was prepared: I would take him, he would swim, dad would pick him up etc.

He was very excited to go, but once he got there he burst out crying and wanted to go home again. We could not persuade him to stay and in the end I ended up bringing him home again.

Richard and I had been looking forward to a couple of hours to ourselves that Saturday morning. We don’t get much alone time. And as it turned out we didn’t get it that Saturday either.

The day after, Richards sister came over for a cup of coffee and we spoke about this and about Harry, his unpredictability and mood swings. She suggested that she’d take the boys for a night or two and we could go away for a bit. Thank God for her!

We jumped at the opportunity and immediately booked and payed for a hotel in London.

And I am so glad we did because as it turned out we’ve had to cancel one of our planned trips to visit family in Berlin this summer at the last minute due to… *drumroll*… buying a house!
We weren’t seriously looking, but it just so happened that we found a perfect house for us and we could not miss the opportunity to buy it. But as anyone who’s ever bought a house knows, it is expensive, far beyond what the price tag says. So we’ve had to make some sacrifices and cancelling the Berlin trip was one of them. Luckily for us, we’d already payed for the hotel up in London, so we can still go without feeling like we’re spending money we really should be saving.

So, enter a lovely, relaxing weekend with the husband. And, boy, do we need it!

The best part right now is that we don’t have to feel like we ‘have’ to do anything, we can just relax and eat good food and do what ever we feel like, as we can always come back because it’s ‘only’ London.

So that’s what we’re planning on doing.

Just relaxing. Spending quality time together. Eating and drinking. Go for walks (which we NEVER get to do when we take Joshua up to London since he’s train mad and ‘have to’ take the underground everywhere!)
Maybe go to a museum or catch a movie.

I can not wait.

And I’m shamelessly plugging my husbands fantastic photos of London





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