September is my January



Summer is almost over and September is right around the corner.
September means back to school and in our case our boys will now start year 6 and 7.
Ever since they first started school I have found that September is a much more ’start new’- month than January. Kind of like when I was at school myself.

For many the New Year and the month of January means a new start and resolutions are being made, especially with all the food, drinks and money spending in December.
January doesn’t have that much impact on me. Sure, it’s a new year, but apart from getting rid of all christmas decorations, really, nothing much changes.

September means much more a fresh start, a clean slate. Especially since I am a stay-at-home mum (technically a carer for our youngest) and my schedule is set after my boys.
This year it will mean a new school for our eldest, Joshua, whilst Harry will have his last year at his current school.
September means back to commitment after the summer.
It means back to routine (Yay!) after not having much of one (or a different one) during summer.
It is a great time to think about the coming year and what we want to achieve before next summer.

I love autumn.


I haven’t always though. As the evenings got darker and colder I used to feel more and more low. The weather and sunshine has always had a huge impact on me, my mood and my wellbeing. It still does, but much less than it used to, and now I can embrace the seasonal changes.
I especially love autumn and the fresh start that it means. (January – March is my worst time of the year!)
I feel like I get a new burst of energy and enthusiasm for what ever is to come.

What does September mean to you?

Does it mean a chance to go over your finances after all the spending during the summer holiday?
Does it mean tighten up you diet after indulging a bit to much in ice creams, cold beers and BBQs with friends?
Does it mean starting a new course, job or take up a new hobby?

Cultivate the back-to-school mindset and think about what you want to achieve this year even if you’re not in school.

So this September (and autumn) I will…

Get on top of our finances and save as much as possible ahead of us moving early next year.
Eat less sweets so I’ll have more energy
stay on top of everything that goes on with Joshua at his new school
Take part in as many workshops as I can
Have a white month and not drink any alcohol

What will you do?
I’d love to know, so leave me a comment!


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