Summer Bucket List update

Since summer is officially over now, and the boys go back to school next week, I thought I’d update you about how our summer went. As I wrote about here I’m not a big fan of unplanned days or big open spaces of  time, so I decided to set up a Bucket List Summer 2016 so I had some ideas of what do this summer with the boys.

I have to say, this summer went a lot smoother than I’d expected. I do think my routines and goals helped me a lot.

A lot of the stuff got ticked off while we were in Netherlands and stayed at Centre Parcs. I’d never been to Centre Parcs before but I highly recommend it, the boys loved it! Especially all the water slides.

So, here’s what we managed to do (or not do) this summer:


❏ Get Harry to learn how to ride without stabilisers (or at least practice)

✔︎ Go to the beach

❏ Sleep in a tent

✔︎ Visit a farm (I’m counting the small one at Centre Parcs)

✔︎ Have a family game night (Lots of Wii bowling)

❏ Have a family Singstar night

❏ Go to a theme park

✔︎ Go to the cinema (We saw BFG)

✔︎ Visit national trust place

✔︎ Visit a big city (Amsterdam and London)

✔︎ Make a summer scrapbook (I’m working on it)

❏ Play on the trampoline

✔︎ Visit a museum (The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam)

On the roof top of the Science Museum

✔︎ Eat ice-cream

✔︎ Go swimming (we did A LOT of swimming at Centre Parcs)

✔︎ Have a playdate

✔︎ Visit Nannie Diane. (Everyone but Harry got to see her)

✔︎Visit Granddad (and Great-Gran!)

❏ Have a water fight

✔︎ Pick blackberries (mainly  me, but still…)

Harry helping me pick blackberries

✔︎ Have a picnic (on the beach)

✔︎ Go bowling

❏ Go to Brighton

✔︎ Climb a tree


Lots and lots of tree climbing!

✔︎ Get a family photo done



Now, as you can see we didn’t complete all of the things on the bucket list. Some of it was down to the boys not wanting to. I could not once convince Harry to go out and practice on his bike! We also never slept in a tent, or jumped on our trampoline, even though it’s right there in our garden!

Harry actually did go to a theme park, just not with us. He went to Chessington World of Adventures with Springboard Project, which is an activity group for children with disabilities. But I felt like it would be cheating to tick that of our list so I didn’t.

Richard and I also had a Weekend in London which was absolutely fantastic! Loved every second.

All in all, its been a good summer! I will definitely make another Bucket List next year, and maybe even tick all the boxes?


Hubby and I in London

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