Summer Goals Update

Wow, I am seriously out of routine to get some quality writing time in for myself. Just putting it out there people!
I have not prioritised my blog and for that I am sorry. Both for you, my lovely reader, but also for myself. I just haven’t found enough time in the day to sit down and write. I can not write unless I am undisturbed and with two boys around it’s quite hard to find any undisturbed time that haven’t been taken up by housework or a workout.
I know, I know, I only have myself to blame. Like I said, I haven’t prioritised it. For the next holiday I need to come up with a better plan so my blogging doesn’t fall behind.

Anyway. Summer is over and I have more time to write again, yay!

Before the summer holidays started, I set up two lists, one for my personal goals  and one Bucket List of things for me and the boys to do during the summer.
Last week I let you know how my boys and I got on with the Summer bucket list, but how did I get on with my summer goals, you might wonder?

Well, not to bad actually.

This is what my list looked like:

1. Set and keep a routine for me and the boys daily
2. Make sure the boys are outside at least once a day, no matter the weather.
3. Walks after dinner at least four times/week
4. Not stress about house work. It gets done when it gets done.
5. Tick at least 1 thing off our summer bucket list every day
6. Keep up with my DAILY RULES
7. Drink wine no more than 3 times/week
8. Post at least 1 blog/week
9. Read 3 books
10. Have a BBQ every week

1. The routine I set up for me and the boys was pretty basic, really just meal times and reading/homework times. Might sound silly but I actually liked having that little list on my fridge as a reminder when when we needed to get fed so that not half the day has passed before I start thinking about breakfast.

2. The boys DID go outside every day, and it wasn’t even something that I’d needed to worry about. I am far to restless to spend a whole day indoors and I tend to drag the boys out with me as much as possible.

My boys and I out for a walk

3. Now, this one I did struggle with. We actually kept quite busy in the daytime and by the time dinner was over we all kind of collapsed. Or if I felt I hadn’t got my steps in that day I would go out for a walk by myself or maybe take one of the boys with me. Still, we didn’t make it to four times per week. Maybe two.

4. I DID NOT stress about the housework! Well done me! At one point six days passed between me hoovering! (I do not judge others on their hoover frequency, I honestly don’t care how often other people do it, it’s just my habit and preference to hoover every 3-4 days)

5. To tick one thing off every day was a bit ambitious. But I did frequently look at the bucket list to find ideas of what to do.

6. Apart from not getting up at 5am (it varied between 5.30am and 7.30am depending on what we had going on that day) I did do everything else.

7. On average I did not drink more than 3 glasses/week. During our holiday in Netherlands I had alcohol four times, but the week after only two, so it all evened out.

8. It was a struggle to find the time, but I did it.

9. Yes. I read:
Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty (this is not a book review but I’ll give it 4 1/2 stars)
You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell (2 stars)
The Lean Machines: Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome by John Chapman, Leon Bustin (4 stars)

10. Yes, we did have at least one bbq every week.


So thats me done for this year.

I had great fun making these lists and they were a big help during the summer. I will definitely do this again next year and maybe I have even inspired some of you to do the same.


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