I’ve recharged

I am back from my trip to Stockholm and I feel recharged! As I wrote about last week, I’ve been feeling homesick for a while and booked a last minute trip to Sweden. Only a short visit, but it was so lovely! It truly recharged me. I really loved it and tried to stay mindful of every minute I was there.

Being homesick is a horrible feeling. It slowly crept up on my until one day I felt like I really couldn’t take it any longer and I almost had a panic attack. I’m so thankful that my husband knows exactly how it feels and is very understanding.

I desperately needed to see my brother, his family and my best friend, who I’ve known for 28 (!!) years. I needed to walk the streets of my hometown, speak my native language and feel like a swede, if only for just a couple of days.

And I managed to cram it all in, and I am so grateful that I did.

I got to:

  • pick up my 4 year old nephew from pre-school and feel like a proper aunt. (when my other nephew and niece, who are now in their twenties, were little, I was around all the time. So not being able to see my little nephew as often as I’d like is really hard)
  • spend hours playing with him without distractions.
  • spend time with my brother and his family
  • see and catch up with my adult nephew and niece
  • spend quality time with my best friend
  • watch Swedish tv. ( I know I can watch some programmes here in the UK, but it’s not the same, and I would also not have anyone to share my “swedish-ness” with)
  • catch up with my step-mum
  • go for walks around Stockholm. Some might say that November is not be the best time of year to go there, and although I’m willing to agree, to me it was perfect. There was a hint of christmas in the air, and I got to see some christmas displays, drink the Swedish christmas drink “Glogg” (the nordic version of mulled wine) and eat gingerbread biscuits and saffron buns (which are christmas treats to us Swedes) But I’m also grateful that it wasn’t a more beautiful time of year because I would probably have had trouble leaving if that were the case. But it was still beautiful to me.

I am usually quite bad at remembering to take pictures, but this time I took lots. I wanted to remember every moment and be able to look back when ever I get homesick again.

I am grateful beyond words that I managed to go when I needed it the most.


Coffee and saffron bun! yum!
Old Town in Stockholm
My nephew, me and my niece
Christmas market in the Old Town
Afternoon stroll around Stockholm with my dear old friend Maria



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