Is your oxygen mask on?

It’s a year since I started this blog, and in honour of that i thought I’d reblog my most liked blog and I think it’s my favourite one too.

Annas Blog

Do you put your own oxygen mask on first?

You know when you’re flying and how they during the safety demonstration always say for parents and other adults to put their own oxygen mask on first before helping others?
Well, most of us probably think that it makes sense. After all, we won’t be any use to anyone if we pass out or die ourselves, will we?

But do you put your oxygen mask on first in the real world too?  Where you’re not up in the air, but living your everyday life with your feet firmly on the ground?
I have a feeling a lot of people don’t.
I know I didn’t.
And I know plenty of women who don’t.

We prioritise everyone else but ourselves.

Not only are we just as ‘worthy’ as everyone else, but even if we do feel like we are only here to serve…

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