My Summer Goals


I love lists!

I love writing and ticking things off things on my ‘to do-list’. I find lists give me focus.

So when I started my usual panic about the summer, I decided to be more proactive this year so I set up, not only a Bucket List  but also a list of goals.
So, these are my goals to try to keep me a bit more focused, sane and able to enjoy the summer.

1. Set and keep a routine for me and the boys daily
2. Make sure the boys are outside at least once a day, no matter the weather.
3. Walks after dinner at least four times/week
4. Not stress about house work. It gets done when it gets done.
5. Tick at least 1 thing off our Bucket List Summer 2016 every day
6. Keep up with my My 12 Rules
7. Drink wine no more than 3 times/week
8. Post at least 1 blog/week
9. Read 3 books
10. Have a BBQ every week

Today is the last day of school for my boys, so tomorrow our summer officially starts!


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